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NEW PRODUCT, a perfect addition to sweaters, knitwear, hats, bags, crafts.  These are made of polished lead-free pewter. They are a collaborative design endeavor between Ashling Aine, Mogadore, OH and Shamrock Chic, Hamburg, NY.  Each collection includes 30 cards of 2 buttons each and 3 named Celtic button designs, (10 cards each).  ($4 each, Suggested Retail: $16 per card).  Included in with each set is a counter rack, a lavendar sachet (to fill the 4th hook-you may prefer to replace with other merchandise.) and beautifully printed dsiplay cards. Buttons are 3/4" shank-style and can be sewn or pinned on--pins included. Displayer measures 5" wide X 5" deep X 11" tall, taking up a tiny amount of counter space.  They may be priced on each card or on the sign at the top, which is provided.

My Heritage Celtic Buttons Counter Display

SKU: Buttoncounterdisplay
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